1BIG142 Dan

HQ Member
Membership Officer

"BIG DX Crew" Manager

 Motto: "Not Power but Skills"


11m Callsign: 1BIG142, 15BIG101, 29BIG101, 68BIG101

Name: Dan
Nickname: "Big Dan"
Club: BIG
Rank in the Club: HQ Member - Membership Officer
"BIG DX Crew" Manager
Mode: AM - FM - SSB - CW
Personal Activations: 1BIG142/QRP - All the Time TX QRP (5W max)
Operating: Low Power (20W) - QRP (5W) - QRPp (1W or less)
in fixed, portable and mobile station.

Activities: I'm a "DXer" and only make activities of QSO-DX. I'm very selective:
I'm a hunter of DX-peditions, SES, Special Calls, Islands
and individual radio operators in most-wanted areas.
I'm a Low Power - QRP - QRPp Enthusiast on 26 & 27 MHz.
"QRP, a choice of life, a way to be and to exist" ... "To climb aloft more and more, the destination is the Sky, the objective the Universe and the Stars, the respect of the Man and the Nature...Hero is not who the stallion rides,

but who work in point of feet".
For DX means a QSO at a great distance, or a tough connection
in proportion to the power used. 
The DX is nice if it is "sweaty" and should be worked with a certain rationality. Height is a much more important factor of power: "at a height of one thousand meters, with just one watt in antenna, you can make more QSO-DX that with a thousand watts to one meter in height!"

Rig: For my activity I use a Military Manpack radio system with adjustable power
(20W max) combined with wire and vertical antennas self-built.
I also use a PolMar CB309 - QRP 0.5W AM / 0.8W SSB.
I don't use power amplifiers and directional antennas.

DXCC: My DXCC list, my stats and my score on "dxproof.com" and on other websites are not complete and are not constantly updated because for me it did not really matter, is not of fundamental and maniacal importance... it's important the QSO, the QSO and human contact are the #1... not the QSL or competition,
the exasperated race at the numbers...

QSL: Traditional (Direct SAE-SASE) or eQSL (MyeQSL.net - email)

Other: I like the QSLs, I would want to receive all of your cards and I ask you, please, to send me the cards via Direct, eQSL, MyeQSL.net, email...nevertheless,
I'm not a freak collector of QSLs, I'm not a fan of the Contest,
Awards, DXCC or other
if your Callsign is in my Log, that's what's important and not a piece of paper. 
I believe that QSO, Friendship, and cultural exchange is #1...
collecting QSL cards is definitely secondary.
Each QSO represents a possible Friendship, not a possible QSL exchange.
What's important is "the live person" pressing PTT,
not a QSL, not the race to the DXCC.
"The ability to make (and keep) many friends on the band, is the most powerful capability of your radio. This can only be achieved through QSO, not QSL".


11m & QRP...bring it on!!


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