BIG group

Since 1992

"The Voice of the Ether"


BIG group...
not in sense of "Great Group" for number of affiliates,
but Great in the ideas, Great in the mind and in the spirit.


The International Radio Group "BIG"
based in Italy, was founded in 1992 and has the primary purpose
to associate all Radio Enthusiasts, 

bound by feelings of Friendship and mutual Courtesy without distinction
of Race, Color, Religion, Social Class, Political Ideas, etc. 

It proposes him to furnish moral and material relief to those people
that they need it (Collaborates with a World Humanitarian Association, 

offers Humanitarian Helps to People in difficulty
and answers of help proposed by the Missions).


collaborate for the Humanitarian plans of the
NHA - New Hope Association.

is a supporter of Tokelau Internet Project can help the Island, Faka Fetai (Thanks) -

Founding President:
1BIG001 Tony
Palermo, Sicily Island - Italy
"BIG DX Crew" Manager:
1BIG142 Dan

11m HQ Callsign:

Official HQ Activities:
1BIG/000 - 1BIG/HQ

Official Logging Software:

Official QSL System:

QRG Monitor:
CB - 11m:
CH 14 (27.125 MHz) AM
CH 31 (27.315 MHz) FM
CH 26 (27.265 MHz) USB
CH 27 (27.275 MHz) USB

QSL Info:
BIG on
Donations - Contributions:
Direct or via PayPal
to request QSL cards and to support
the BIG Activity, Activations and DXpeditions


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